Keep track of the cleaning of your properties

Know at any time which properties need to be cleaned.
Know when your guests check out or check in so you can organize them with your team.

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Main Features

What do we offer?

cleaning features

Daily cleaning log

Visualization of all necessary daily actions.

Marked properties

Cleanings still to be completed.

Report incidents detected

Note down problems encountered.

For all kind of devices

Use your phone or tablet to access the module.

Types of cleaning

From BedLoop we differentiate the types of cleanings that you can have:

Types of cleaning

These are all those check-outs that we will clean today, so you will always have the apartment, house or room ready.

They are all those that have check in today, when the same day has had check out and it is already clean, it will become “clean” automatically. Useful to program check-in cleanings in rooms that have been previously cleaned and that we only do a refresher.

These are cleanings that only involve the removal of garbage and/or making the beds but not a full cleaning. Each owner or manager can decide and set in the configuration whether or not to have Turndown Service in their system and choose the period of these.

Cleanings that the guest has requested as extra during his stay.

We let you decide which cleaning you want to use.