Now you can analyze your own customers and create your own marketing strategies.

With our CRM you will be able to obtain different reports about your customers and with this you will be able to focus your own marketing strategy to attract or retain customers.
In BedLoop you will be able to categorize different types of customers and potential customers as well as manage and target potential owners.

crm customers
crm surveys
crm reports

Save all your customers, both their personal information and their preferences so that you can run effective marketing campaigns.

Manage guest experience in a useful and effective way. Send surveys to your customers and improve every day thanks to their answers.

Get reports of your most booked and most blocked properties. You can also get lists of your clients and filter them by typology and even get a graph according to nationalities.

Main features


Finally a tool with which you can categorize guests according to your criteria. Now you can manage and make decisions based on the type of guests (VIP, repeaters, problematic, etc.).


List of your current and potential owners that will facilitate your day-to-day management and the search for new owners to expand your inventory of properties.


List of customers and potential customers that will make your day-to-day management easier in order to carry out targeted marketing campaigns according to the type of customer and thus obtain a better profit.