Keep track of the maintenance of your properties

Be aware of which properties need some maintenance between check-ins and check-outs of your guests.
Organize your team to perform these tasks and know the cost of these repairs.

Calendar Maintenance
Maintenance 3D Maintenance background

Main Features

What do we offer?

Maintenance Features

Daily maintenance log

Visualization of all necessary daily actions

Control of marked properties

Pending tasks to be completed on the current and previous days.

Recording of the incidences found

Note down the problems detected for the most immediate solution.

For all kind of devices

Use your phone or tablet to access the module.

What you can do

From BedLoop we show you the different tasks that you can perform:

maintenance what you can do

Locating accommodations that are empty or have check-ins.

Linked to each property for a real history of each property/incident.

Applicable at the check-out or check-in of a client to an accommodation.

Daily and/or permanent duties on an accommodation.

Check-in and check-out of accommodations and related incidents.

Expenses related to incidents and maintenance.

Hours worked by employees, to schedule the hours.