Your own invoicing department on the same platform

Forget about generating invoices with other software, duplicating data, wasting time with excels or other invoicing program.
With our platform you will be able to generate invoices for customers without having to add their data again.
Generate your own reports with the settlements or commissions to the corresponding owners.
Manage directly the expenses of your holiday apartments or even general expenses and pass them on directly to the respective owner.
BedLoop is also integrated with the main accounting programs for your convenience.

erp invoicing
erp liquidations
erp commissions

Generate invoices from the same reservation for the client, for the company or for a different guest from the reservation. All from the same platform without having to go to another software or screen. You can list and filter all invoices as you prefer.

Our platform will manage the settlements to the owner automatically. Forget about having a spreadsheet to do it. BedLoop makes it easy for you to customize your own settlements as required, with or without extra expenses, with or without commissions, etc.

ERP is an important part for every manager/owner. With our customized reports you will be able to generate reports as you require: get the amounts generated in a predetermined month/year, profits, etc.

Main Features


Extract your invoices in A3, SAGE, PRINEX compatible formats or connect to Magnifinance to send them there. We are ready to satisfy your external invoicing manager.


Keep track of the expenses derived from incidents on your properties or general expenses. You will be able to pass these expenses to the owners for validation.


Keep track of expenses derived from incidents in your buildings, resorts, stairways, general expenses, etc. Manage at all times the expenses derived from your general equipment.


Have in your own platform the invoices generated for your customers, owners and/or managers. Everything in a single platform that will prevent you from duplicating data. Automatic invoices.


Keep track of the expenses related to incidents on your properties or general expenses. You can then send these items to the owners, for validation.


The vacation rental platform will provide you with a number of reports that will help you to visualize at all times the business viability, expenses incurred, profits, etc.