The most intuitive, easy and agile PMS that simplifies your work and daily operations.

Our reservation management system brings together all the solutions to manage your business in a simple and efficient way.
BedLoop PMS has a dashboard with the most relevant data. All bookings differentiated according to channel in a calendar where you can move bookings between properties/rooms, create blocks, reservations, etc...
Say goodbye to overbookings with our fully centralized calendar.
With our booking manager all processes will be easier and faster.

pms bookings
pms rates
pms permissions

Booking lists with all necessary data; accommodation prices, daily pickup prices, customer and guest data, booking origin, check-in/check-out agents, invoices, contracts, card data, creation of the police file, internal notes, etc.

Our Vacation Software will allow you to create as many rates as you want; link them together with increments based on another rate, specific rates for OTA's, etc... As well as minimum and maximum days, close to arrival, close to departure, etc. In short, a very powerful rate system that will allow you to do whatever you want.

Add permissions and restrictions to your data. Your team and owners will be able to see and process the data you want them to see and nothing more. Prevent your employees and owners from seeing information that is not useful for their work and may be sensitive.

Main Features


Our vacation rental platform allows you to manage all your apartments as a hotel, like a proper room management. You will be able to move bookings between properties of the same category, BedLoop will send the inventory.


BedLoop provides you with a tool where you can assign tasks to your team, whether these are tasks for the whole group or individual tasks. Create reminders for that specific date and make sure your team doesn't forget anything. Your guests will thank you for it.


Having your team well organized based on the arrivals/departures you have today and the next days is very important. BedLoop provides you with its own section so that you can organize your team at all times, with filters and search engines by date.


BedLoop allows you to create your own fully customized reports, production reports and statistical reports that you can set up to be sent automatically to the e-mail address of your choice and at the periodicity of your choice.


Keep track of all properties that are dirty or clean. Don't let your guests check in without the certainty that the cleaning staff has inspected it and marked it as "clean" in the BedLoop platform. Your guests will thank you.


Keep track of the incidents that take place in your properties in real time. Solve them and keep track of the expenses derived from them. Assign tasks to your team and see when and who has completed them, knowing their performance.


Customize all types of e-mails you want to send to your guests. BedLoop provides you with a tool that allows you to send your guests customizable and scheduled e-mails by check-in date, check-out date, during the stay and according to property, source, etc.


We provide you with a default contract that you can customize through your own text and we offer all kinds of tags that will allow you to automate the data for its signature. You can generate it in PDF and/or print it.


At a glance check the current month's bookings compared to the previous year. Check your ADR and your daily and monthly occupancy. See also, which bookings have been received during the day and which have been abandoned. Find out how your business is doing.


We have several calendars for better optimization. We have the monthly calendar with all its options, calendar by property, rates calendar to visualize all your prices, block calendar, etc.


Now you can control the financial management of your reservation and/or reception department. Registration of all cash movements, whether in cash and/or through the bank. Finally a PMS with an easy cash system adapted to your needs.


Forget about having a website with an alternative software that makes you duplicate the work. We offer a fully self-manageable website that will provide confidence to your customers to book on the same website, without going to another booking engine.