Build trust with your potential customers.
Allow your customers to book on your own website.

Our CMS provides you with your own self-manageable website where the guest can book from there, without having to open a new window with another domain, design or appearance and give uncertainty to the potential customer.
Improve customer confidence and increase direct bookings from your own website.

cms owners
cms properties
cms team

You can now add as many owners as you want, with their own apartments, commissions, notes, liquidations, etc. All in one simple process.

Manage as many properties as you want, with their corresponding images, descriptions, services, check in/check out time, extras, etc.

Manage your own team from the platform, you will have all their data, e-mail, telephone, contracts, notes, etc.. accessible from anywhere in the world.

Main features


Forget about your phone book and simplify the work of your team. All your suppliers and their respective data in the same platform that manages your reservations and properties.


Now you will be able to recommend to your customers your favorite restaurants, stores, places, forget about having to go to the internet to read reviews or look for recommendations.


Avoid all those doubts, inconveniences or misunderstandings that your team may have, create internal procedures so that they can operate with total security and efficiency.


Organize and get rid of post it notes, papers, notebooks, etc... from your desk. You will no longer have to worry about looking for that specific paper, with our platform you will be able to add all those notes and leave them for your team to see.


BedLoop offers you a series of web templates in which you can customize colors, highlight and order properties, create experiences, create destinations, set up your own POS, PayPal, etc.


Don't worry if you forget your passwords to access your social media, e-mails, OTA's panels, etc... our platform provides you with a special space for them. You will always have them just a click away.


Manage your entire team from your own intranet, you can also communicate via notes with your own team. Forget about taking notes in other software and unify programs, it will facilitate and optimize time.


More than 9 languages. Stand out from your competition and provide the language in which your potential guest feels more comfortable. If you have the website available in their language it will be an added value for them to take you into account and book on your website.


We offer you the possibility to highlight the different buildings and/or brands you may have in the management of your vacation rentals. Categorize your properties and make it easier for the customer to search your website.